Created Jun 17, 2015

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Book: Thank God For Women With Big H.I.P.S. more

Eagle Scout, all 3 children college grads, veteran teacher, and Christian. Author of book written to save our children by saving our American Families. The stronger the family, the stronger the student. Chapters 9 & 10 out of 16 describe how to make your marriage strong and keep it fresh. Chapter 4 explains how hate blocks learning in children. Chapter 4 explains where hate comes from in America. Chapter 4 explains that energy including hate cannot be destroyed only converted. Most working-class Republican voters have no clue that Republican lawmakers put their party above the American people. Most do not know that Republican lawmakers purposely blocked and obstructed every plan that President Obama tried to do to help the American people. Chapter 13 explains what causes homosexual behavior and how to prevent it. I love all law-abiding Americans.